Basa Construction, Inc. is a contractor based here in Los Angeles, offering home bolting, foundation basement underpinning and a whole lot of other similar services designed to meet your construction needs.

If getting it right and getting it done is a top priority, it is a must to have your home bolting, basement underpinning, or other similar projects worked on by an experienced construction contractor.  Basa Construction, Inc. is a reputable contractor that provides Los Angeles and its surrounding areas with high quality construction services that it deserves. 

Before scheduling a home consultation to discuss your basement underpinning or home bolting needs, you can also check out pictures of our previous construction projects from different areas in and around Los Angeles. Those should give you a better idea on how we work on the various construction services we offer.

We understand that picking the right contractor for your basement underpinning or home bolting project is a critical decision to make.  If you are still in need of more information on any of the construction services we currently offer all throughout Greater Los Angeles area and other neighboring locations, give us a call or fill out the online form.